A sheepskin is for life not just for Christmas

Sat Nam my name is Shivdev Kaur and I am an intern teacher for Amrit Nam Sarovar.  I look forward to meeting soon, if not before, then in France for the immersion week in July.

I now live in Devon and one of the many ventures I have going on here is sourcing good quality sheepskins from local farmers of various natural colours and sizes (some organic).

Why do we use sheepskins?

My sheepskins is like my second skin.  It goes everywhere with me.  It has become part of my identity as a yogi.  My sheepskin will accompany me through this life time and possibly someone else’s after mine. Its warm, comfortable, adaptable and bio degradable.  Your sheepskin is a sacred space on which will build a vibration from the meditations, kriyas and other yoga experiences you will have.

Yogi Bhajan taught us that skins were best for meditation as they created an insulation between yourself and the magnetic pull of the earth.  You will often see Lord Shiva or one of the 10 Sikh Gurus sitting on an animal skin.  Of course there are always the ethical issues of using an animal skin, and sheep will always leave their physical body,  but the benefits outweigh the costs and if you think of it in karmic terms your sheep and you are on a journey together elevating the vibration of the planet .

I like Yogi Bhajan’s quote that when a yogi meditated on a sheepskin “it helped to liberate the soul of the sheep”.


Try to avoid washing or dry cleaning but instead a good shake and leave out in the sun.

A sheepskin is not a rug so avoid shoes on your sacred space.

Sizes Costs and Colours  (prices not including postal delivery )

Large & Extra large organic chocolate brown Jacobstow sheepskins  £60 &  £70

Medium, soft, shorthaired rare breed sheepskins of muted colours beiges, whites & browns etc £50

Medium white long haired £40

please contact Shivdev for details


Tel : 07984994520


For an extra £5 and if there are enough orders I can deliver them to your next level one weekend in London .