Your Spiritual Name

When you begin the journey of Kundalini teacher training or even just going to the classes you are surrounded by teachers and students who have taken the courage to live by their spiritual name which is a total commitment. Some apply for their name but don’t feel ready to commit to using it, but may do later, others immediately resonate with their destiny name and some are just not ready in this life time. Having a spiritual name is some romantic notion as some who have applied have found out. If our hoping to get a ‘pretty name’ or a ‘sexy name’ or even a ‘divine name’ that your spiritual ego would love….then you may well be surprised and even disappointed. But whatever you get your soul will love it.

It took me a while, in fact a few years to feel ready to adopt and receive my spiritual name…after all Sarah wasn’t a bad name and meant Princess Ha ha and I didn’t want to offend my parents or my own sense of self.   I messed about for a while with made up names, given by so and so…but thankfully my teachers didn’t pander to my games! So eventually I gave in, applied to 3HO, which is the founder school of Kundalini Yoga, in New Mexico.

As soon as my name came through I knew an immediate sense of my infinite self and identity. For someone who had played with fire literally and figuratively as a child and adult and aimed to speak my truth, whether I was right or wrong. Took risks, am pretty transparent …not a good liar and clash with egos, my own and others, to destroy what makes them so…mine as well as others… and can have the capacity to destroy on the spot..especially myself if that fire is not out of control.

Having a spiritual name from 3HO takes on a responsibility…its a bit like wearing the turban. Neither is always comfortable especially to others.

Yogi Bhajan would work out your spiritual name from your time, date of birth and planet situations. He was also an ascended master and able to access other universal planes which ascend the consciousness we experience here on earth.

So if this is calling you …go to the website

Shivdev Kaur

“You are all here; we’ll share with you every moment of your life, and we will ask you to understand your spiritual incarnation and your spiritual name, and try to find out the strength to live it.  Without finding that strength to live your spiritual identity, life will be a waste, and we don’t want it to be wasted.” Yogi Bhajan