Aquarian Sadhana

Aquarian Sadhana is an intimate and subtle experience of God practiced two and a half hours before the sun rises. Known as the ambrosial hours, this is when the sun is hitting the earth at a 60-degree angle and where a window of opportunity opens to connect infinity, the universe, and the group consciousness of the Sat Sangat (the spiritual community attending Sadhana).

Shivdev was taught and has experienced that Sadhana is the pinnacle of Kundalini yoga. Sadhana is a conquering of the ego, as the practice requires discipline and commitment, both of which the ego resists, and brings together the essence of community. Sadhana covers you for the rest of your day, develops your consciousness and practice, stills the mind and changes the flow of energy through the projection of the illusions created by ourselves, known as Maya.

Aquarian Sadhana consists of the reading of the Jap Ji, Yoga Kriya, relaxation and singing/contemplation of mantras to music. No experience necessary.

Aquarian Sadhana every Saturday from 5.00 am to 7.30 am

Taka Clinic, Paiges Lane, Barnstaple, Devon EX31 1EF

All are welcome, there is no cost but a donation is appreciated.

Please contact Shivdev to confirm attendance.