About Shivdev

Shivdev Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and teacher trainer based in Devon.  She has been teaching Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan and otherwise, for over 15 years.   She has trained to KRI levels 1 and 2 and undertaken further trainings and development  as a student, mentee and teacher with Amrit Nam Sarovar.   Her teachers over the years; Karta Singh, Har Nal Kaur and Guru Deva Kaur have nurtured, challenged, supported and encouraged her over the years.   Shivdev describes Amrit Nam Sarovar as a school that moves and evolves with the times of the Aquarian Age and the Kali Yug.

Shivdev has been a teacher trainer with Amrit Nam Sarovar for the last three years and has mentored and in the past has taught on the Outreach Level One teacher training in France for 3 years.  She also was a mentee on the London Teacher Training where she served teacher Har Nal Kaur  for 7 years.   She regularly holds workshops and classes around Devon and Somerset and facilitates Kundalini events. Taunton.

Shivdev Kaur

As well as teaching classes Shivdev co-leads an Aquarian Sadhana at the weekend in Barnstaple.   She also facilitates and teaches a women’s group which she co founded with Annie Bury in January 2015.   This group called ‘The Women’s Cave’, is based on the principles of the red tent and ancient indigenous rights of passage long since forgotton.   They meet monthly usually on the new moon for a 13 new moon cycle within the year.    It is a closed group comprising of 14 or so women who practice shamanic and yogic teachings with deep intimate sharing circles.  They hold ceremonies on significant dates and include the experiences of which sweat lodges, working with the five elements, journeying, dancing and drumming, singing and much more besides.  Shivdev and Annie Bury are now preparing a group for older women called The Silver Women’s Cave circle for post menopausal women who wish to share and pass on their wisdom, knowledge, and support as they enter this liberating and empowering phase ..watch this space in 2018.

“Your spiritual name describes your distance, your destiny and your guiding word.”

Shivdev is also a trained Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapist and until she moved to Devon  worked in the field of addiction and women’s counselling services .   She studied feminist History, Women’s studies, Social Studies and Art History at one of only two female colleges in the UK  – Hillcroft College in Surbiton .

From 2004 she spent 6 years in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with renowned psychoanalyst Alison Knight Evans which she describes as a deep and profound life changing event for her.

Shivdev continues to practice and aspire to the four important principles of being a teacher –

Obey, Serve, Love and Excel


About Kundalini Yoga

“All training and all knowledge is meant for only one purpose, and that purpose is very simple and clear – that you may be in a position to control your mental self as well as your physical self.  One who socializes with compassion and kindness is a human. One who socializes with compassion, kindness and grace is an angel.”

Yogi Bhajan

Yogi BhajanUsing the repetition of mantras (Jappa), meditation, pranayamas and kriyas (physical sets), Kundalini yoga allows you to experience your full creative potential as a human being.  The ancient teachings of Kundalini yoga are passed down from teacher to teacher ,what we in Kundalini call the Golden Chain.  Linking each student to a teacher and back through many lineages  of Gurus and teachers, linking each teacher and student together.

Kundalini yoga works to still the mind, strengthen the central nervous system and muscles, balance and unblock chakras and stimulate the glandular system and importantly gives you a space to completely relax.  It pushes through the blocks which are held in the physical body and changes your energy and frequency .  There is no need to be flexible or fit: this will come in time, and with consistency you will experience and feel the results quickly.