The Women’s Cave

“Your soul chose to be a women…..there are two types of women. Women in the body of a women and women with the spirit of the women”. — Yogi Bhajan

Women’s Cave 2016

This was a challenging year for most and outside our first cave of 2016 was a female highland cattle being skinned.  An omen you might think!  It was a totally different energy to the year before and we found ourselves challenged by the energy of the venue, the astrological changes and our own processes. 

Over the last 13 moon cycles we have laughed,  cried, danced, sang , shared and been guided.  Using cards as tools for guidance and journeying below and above we have gone through a process which requires attendance as together we embraced the powerful full moons, especially the supermoons, made affirmations and set intentions whilst working with the new moons, and the moon and solar eclipses of 2016 and early 2017.  

The Women's Cave with Shivdev KaurThe Cave is a process and requires trust, boundaries and respect.  Our summer solstice was the weekend outdoors in the wild nature of north Devon.  We entered a sweat lodge, faciliated by Tegwyn from Glastonbury, for the afternoon with our female fire master Shivdev.  We walked the amazing labyrinths on the land and spent time amongst the spirits of the trees.  Transforming and dissolving with the help of the elements fire and earth, wind and water. We have stepped into the darkness of the winter solstice aware of the ever present Kali Ma and Shiva.

The build up of our own shadow s  culminating on the winter solstice eve as we built a fire outside in the woods, drummed and sang, exchanged gifts and shared.  This last year was particulaly intense requiring us to hold out for the new energy of 2017 to burst through.

On our last cave of this cycle February 28th 2017 we were able to deeply share, love and acknowledge that women need circles.  So the Format for the next 13 moon cycles of  2017/2018 will be different again.  Aiming for open groups at each others houses.  Less formal but the space still held.  Focusing more on kirtan, meditation and deeply listening and sharing. 

Sharing food, stories our vast knowledge and need to pass this on to our daughters and mothers of sons and each other.  Exploring the need as women to be creative and give birth to ideas,  children and projects which will help elevate and raise the consciousness of all women.

Women's Cave 2015
Women’s Cave 2015

Drawing upon the influences of Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga teachings on women, Shamanic practices and ceremonies,  the spirit of all nature as well as our own life journeys, trainings and experiences – Annee Bury and Shivdev  invite you to explore, share and deepen your connection to the Divine Feminine, the Grandmothers and keepers of the mother earth, ourselves and each other, in a safe and supportive environment. 

Women's Cave dancingThe 13 new moon cycles of the first Womens Cave 2015 was a a profound and empowering experience. Seeing women step into their power, radiance, deeply sharing and supporting each other. 2016 brings a new energy, a new year cycle and at a different location and venue… Annee and myself have been busy planning the next 13 cycles of 2016 with our new mentees, women from last year’s cave. This year we are drawing upon 8 chakras, the cycles of birth, life, death & rebirth, the 5 elements and the four directions….

We have also created a mentee programme this year so that the women  can take this template elsewhere to eventually feel empowered to set up their own caves elsewhere. The Womens Cave helps prepare the soil for a furtile base.  Plants the seeds for new intentions and growth,  waters and nourishes the soul and body and helps takes out the weeds and toxins. 

The Cave gives a space for deep reflection and clarity.  Finally harversting all that comes to fruition. Drawing on their vast and deep personnal and eclectic training experiences including Psychotherapy, Shamanic and Kundalini teachings Shivdev Kaur and Annee Bury  along with a new mentorship programme of previous cave sisters, are looking forward to the new 2016 Cave starting in March.