Universal Healing Rays and Path of Mastery

Whilst Kundalini Yoga provides the material and tools to shift  and change energy and I love being a teacher…for I can say “I am good at this ! ”  as we move into the Golden age and I into the crone/wild woman quarter of my  incarnation here on earth  I need a more still and subtle connection to work on my aspects and light work.

In 2018 I started The Path of Light, one of the trilogies of The Path Of Mastery, the channeled work by In’easa Mabu Ishtar, along with manifesting the Universal Healing Rays Level One here in Devon and taught to us by Jai Gopal.  More details can be found for this on the events page .

This daily practice enables me to download messages and guidance from  ascended masters often called the chosen ones or illuminated ones.  Working with ancestral karma, soul retrieval and parts of myself that over time have separated from the one heart,  which in turn cause us to project and feel separate.

This deep healing work gives a profound sense of bliss and joy, helps with your blocks in moving forward to a fulfilling and more open hearted approach to others and nature.   As a teacher this is a real compliment to delivering deep soul level work with clients and students.